Sowden Building Solutions is a sustainable home builder in Sydney Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.  Sowden Building Solutions completed the Master Builder's Green Builder course in 2012 which was a game changer for our outlook on how we build and what we build with.
Since 2015 we have been building Hempcrete homes around Sydney and in 2019 we completed Passive House Tradesperson's training - which again is another milestone and an eye opener of building physics. 

Sustainability is an integral part of Sowden Building Solution’s focus; it’s ingrained in everything we do. It isn’t just about adding a water tank or solar panel; it’s about creating a home that’s comfortable, healthy to live in and cost-efficient to run.


Nick from Sowden Building Solutions is one of the few certified Passive House Tradesperson’s in Australia at this time, putting us at the forefront of building when it comes to the design and integration of High Performance home building techniques. We also specialise in the use of Hempcrete, a natural building product that aims to improve energy efficiency in your home and also reduce your carbon footprint.


Due to the Australian climate, there are benefits to be had from implementing passive design and using sustainable products and systems into your build. In doing so we hope to achieve a home that is still as efficient in years to come.


Passive House buildings are designed with the inhabitants comfort in mind and has a highly increased energy efficiency which in turn directly leads to financial savings long after your build is complete.


Through careful product selection, we decipher what will save you build time and money. We use materials that will create little or no off-gassing in your home and take care provide a level of insulation above and beyond what’s required by Australian building codes. The result: You have a comfortable home regardless of season, without having to spend unnecessary money on heating or cooling.


We also use LED lights, grey water systems, solar panels and double glazing or low-e glass.


By sorting onsite, we always recycle what we can and strive to minimise waste.


All internal paints we use are zero VOC and non toxic.