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Sowden Building Solutions is a sustainable home builder in Sydney Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.  Sowden Building Solutions completed the Master Builder's Green Builder course in 2012 which was a game changer for our outlook on how we build and what we build with.

Sustainability is an integeral part of Sowden Building Solution’s focus; it’s ingrained in everything we do. It isn’t just about adding a water tank or solar panel, it’s about creating a home that’s comfortable, healthy to live in and cost-efficient to run.


Through careful product selection, we decipher what will save you build time and money. We use  materials that will create little or no off-gassing in your home and take always provide a level of insulation above and beyond what’s required by Australian building codes. The result: You have a comfortable home regardless of season, without having to spend unnecessary money on heating or cooling.


We also use LED lights, grey water systems, solar panels and double glazing or low-e glass.


By sorting onsite, we always recycle what we can and strive to minimise waste.


All internal paints we use are zero VOC and non toxic.