Sowden Building Solutions provides fully licensed home improvement services in Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and North Shore. Owner and operator Nick Sowden, a qualified builder, focuses on providing high quality carpentry and building construction services in Sydney’s Inner West. His adept knowledge in home renovations and remarkable passion for sustainable building practices are key to creating specifically designed innovative homes.


Specialising in a wide range of residential building projects, our highly skilled professionals ensure alterations, room additions and carpentry work that will make your property a healthier and more comfortable place to live in. Whether you’re aiming for a PassivHaus or a Hempcrete inspired home, you can depend on us.



Sustainability is an integral part of our focus, ingrained in everything we do. For us, it’s about creating a home that’s comfortable, healthy to live in and cost-efficient to run. We carefully select products and materials that will create little or no off-gassing in your home. We use LED lights, grey water systems, solar panels, zero VOC and non-toxic paints and double or triple glazing and low-e glass. By sorting onsite, we always recycle what we can and strive to minimise waste. We also provide a level of insulation above and beyond what’s required by Australian building codes.


Saving you time and money

We are equipped to give your personal sanctuary an enhanced look that will certainly exceed your expectations but not your budget. Enjoy your comfortable home regardless of the season, without having to spend unnecessary money on heating or cooling.

We are the experts you can trust for:

- Sustainable renovations

- Alterations and additions

- Building construction

- Green building

- Hempcrete builds

- Passive House builds

- Heritage home renovations


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