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Servicing Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and North Shore, Sowden Building Solutions is an industry leader in building high-quality sustainable homes. With a passionate team of skilled carpenters and builders at your service, we have made it our goal to ensure each client finds themselves in a home that is comfortable and healthy for many years to come.


Built from the ground up by owner and operator, Nick Sowden, since 2005 Sowden Building Solutions have worked on a wide range of residential building properties. Under the guidance of Nick the team has striven to design innovative homes, while utilising sustainable building practices.

The Sowden Building Solutions Philosophy


Nick’s building philosophy sprung to life in 2012, where upon completing the Master Builder’s Green Builder course he began to formulate ideas for how Sowden Building Solutions could create breath taking homes without hurting the environment. Starting in 2015, Sowden Building Solutions started constructing Hempcrete homes in Sydney. Hempcrete, as the name suggests, is created through the use of hemp, which is grown locally in Australia. Hemp can be grown naturally without the intense reliance on herbicides and fertilisers seen in other crops. By utilising Hempcrete, Nick and the team are able to construct houses that are far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than those built by other companies.


Nick’s curiosity for sustainable home building quickly blossomed into a bonafide passion, completing the GreenSmart builders course in 2016, before going on to participate in the Passive House Tradeperson’s training in 2019. This experience was a genuine gamechanger for the way Sowden Building Solutions operates and builds sustainable housing.


Whether you’re looking for alterations, room additions, or any type of carpentry work, Nick and the dedicated team at Sowden Building Solutions are committed to building the highest quality homes, with the smallest environmental impact possible.

Building Sustainable Homes


At Sowden Building Solutions we truly believe that building your dream house doesn’t have to come at the expense of our natural environment. Sustainability is one of our primary focuses and one of the driving forces behind our adoption of Hempcrete as a building material, as well as our passion for designing Passive Houses.


In every project, we meticulously select every product or material to make sure we live up to our sustainability values. Sowden Building Solutions home uses LED lights, rain water, grey water systems, solar panels, zero VOC and non-toxic paints, and double or triple window glazing with low-e glass. Additionally, we provide a level of insulation that goes far beyond the minimum requirements of Australian building codes.


Our commitment to sustainability and treating the natural environment with care doesn’t end with our building materials. On each and every worksite we sort through our leftover materials, ensuring we recycle as much as we can to reduce overall waste. Through every step of the building process we are conscious of the impact we are having on our natural surroundings.

Saving Money and the Environment


Many people view environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices negatively, thanks to the belief that it must come with a hefty price tag. Building your home through Sowden Building Solutions proves that this isn’t the case. Our cutting edge materials and building processes will save you an extraordinary amount of money in the long run by eliminating the need for exorbitant spending on heating or cooling. The electricity bill after a particularly harsh summer or winter is always a shock to the hip pocket. A sustainably built home makes this headache a thing of the past.

Sowden Building Solutions Specialises In:

  • Sustainable home renovations


  • Home alterations and additions


  • Building construction


  • Green building


  • Hempcrete builds


  • Passive House builds


  • Heritage home renovations


To start transforming your dream home into a reality, book an appointment with the experts at Sowden Building Solutions today.

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